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Performance Dashboard

Making data more powerful than you can imagine

All organisations require a robust data analytic engine that leads them towards new discoveries, insights and, ultimately, better business decisions. Most organisations rely on Excel Spreadsheets or statistical software packages such as SPSS to do this. The fact of the matter is that these are largely static and do not provide a three dimensional view of data.

Document Capture’s Performance Dashboard

Guided Analytics: Graphically and interactively view data using a dashboard that display data in an array of forms such as graphs, charts, word clouds, traffic light systems and much more. A user can explore the data at their own will and make certain selections and clicks that will immediately change the visual output. Therefore, a user can explore specific data sets, data in a specified range or a holistic view of the data. The opportunities are endless.

Security: You choose who can see the dashboard and who can see which parts of the dashboard by setting up various permissions and log ns.

Design and layout: You control the layout of the dashboard and the design. Colour co-ordinate data, place various conditional formatting and sums to enhance the analytical experience. It is entirely flexible; you choose what you want and where you want it.

Integration: Unite all data sources that are present throughout various electronic systems using the performance dashboard and integrate the dashboard with your existing business applications.

Making Smarter Decisions

Document Capture’s Performance Dashboard is a valuable asset to any organisation and department. The dashboard is already used in a variety of different sectors such as healthcare, finance, legal and retail and for internal strategic decision making at department level.


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