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Clinical Audit & Patient Report Forms

“DCC’s hands-on experience with clinical audits and patient report forms means that they can give impartial advice on the most effective technologies and tools to use”

North East Ambulance Services

Document Capture Co. and the North East Ambulance services have worked together across many different projects for a number of years, including some as far afield as data capture installation and training with the Kuwait Ambulance Services. The choice to use DCC for ongoing collection of vital information at the scene of an incident was therefore a simple one to make. The ambulance services in the UK have a responsibility and a legal requirement to collect data on patient history through patient report forms, primary and secondary survey responses, management, assessment and critical incident information, all of which must be gathered as quickly and accurately as possible so as not to hinder paramedics from providing essential medical care

Fast, accurate data collection from patient report forms

The processes used to gather information and capture relevant data up to this point have varied in their approach and in their results. Whilst previously some 300,000 A3 sheets were used each year to collect data from some 300 fields per sheet, DCC has been working with the North East Ambulance Services to collect data using patient report forms on mobiles and handheld devices. Whilst sheets of paper can be automatically scanned, which drastically decreases the time taken to process results, there is still some scope for small errors in processing that can contribute to increased handling times. Mobiles and tablet devices allow rapid recording and extraction of information, allowing paramedics to focus on providing critical patient care without sacrificing data integrity.

Once information has been captured, DCC has made it accessible to North East Ambulance services through various management and performance measurement systems. These have allowed data to be easily visualised, highlighting gap areas of risk and areas that are showing improvements as a result of having up-to-the-minute data accessible. Having the data available so soon allows those analysing it to have confidence in its accuracy, reducing the costs, time and effort associated with its collection. Because DCC uses the technology they provide both in-house and for other clients, their domain knowledge and specialist expertise means that they can provide supported solutions for audit projects from a range of data capture products. With DCC, the risk of investment in a technology is greatly reduced as they are able to help their clients to make informed choices.