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Coeliac Research Questionnaire

“We could use a single location for the management of design, print, logistics and data collection, receiving back highly accurate data in the format and timescale we needed for coeliac research”

Nottingham University School of Community Health Sciences

Dr Joe West approached DCC based on the recommendation of a colleague in order to carry out a study of patients who suffer from coeliac disease, a sensitivity to gluten. Having used DCC for two similarly structured research questionnaire studies, Dr. West was looking for a data capture company that could work with the brief he provided and develop it. He needed a firm that could see the study through to completion and provide data that could be used with confidence in its accuracy without significant time or cost investments on coeliac research.

Initially, DCC assisted in the design of the questionnaire and provided key support when drafting the content for the mail out. As a company able to handle all aspects of a managed coeliac research questionnaire, DCC was able to print all required copies of the questionnaire on site and send out an initial 850 of these to a selected pilot study group. From here, small adjustments were made to the questionnaire design in order to maximise likely response rate.

Single managed data capture solution for coeliac research

DCC managed the send out of the coeliac research questionnaire to 12,000 – 14,000 patients, receiving a 65-75% response rate and resulting in a significant amount of data to work with. Historically, data from similar studies had been manually entered into research systems by internal students. Dr West rightfully felt that this wasted time and resources, and could lead to a number of errors and loss of data integrity. By trusting DCC to automate the process of data collection, the study could progress much faster, allowing significantly more time to be spent on analysis of results.