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Market Research

“We are able to understand and visualise the genuine concerns of our customers both as individuals and as an overall collective”

Leading UK Supermarket Chain

In an enormously competitive market where most consumers have little to no loyalty, monitoring the needs and desires of consumers within a large supermarket chain would allow the chance a greater understanding, leading to the provision of simple improvements. In this instance, monitoring the concerns of customers would be a near-on impossible task where thousands of products are served.

DCC was tasked with finding a way to monitor the feedback a number of stores of one of the leading UK supermarket chains. Whilst in the past, data capture kiosks have been used to great success, in this instance there was the desire and the need to provide something beyond this. After much discussion over the final desired information to be collected, the humble comment card was suggested as an alternative solution.

Data with integrity

Capturing data from typed forms or simple tick-box questionnaires is a comparatively simple process. To provide consumers with the assurance that each of their individual concerns and feedback comments would be heard, free-form comment cards were instead designed and printed by DCC to be filled out across a number of stores.

Whilst the comment card themselves specified the need to write in block capitals, it soon became clear that most responders did not heed this advice, making the task of data capture that much more complicated. DCC embraced the challenge cursive writing presented, and were able to work with a piece of text recognition software to design an effective solution. The desire behind the acceptance of this challenge was to unlock the meaning behind naturally written words when respondents are often at their most honest.

Comment cards can now be read electronically, with cursive writing transcribed into text. From here, further analysis can take place, grading the sentiment behind language, highlighting key repeated issues and offering the chance to visualise the meaning behind the data.

The solutions developed have been delivered on time and on budget, despite the large challenge. Each card also has an auditable trail, so individual concerns can easily be traced and responded to.