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Patient Audits through Picker

“DCC provided a bespoke solution that perfectly fitted our needs, and we’ve seen great successes from this project.”

The Picker Institute

The Picker Institute are a research based charity with intentions to improve patient health care across the UK’s health services. Within the Picker Institute Europe research areas are split across various specialist research teams, focusing on feedback (Patients, Staff, Clinicians and Paediatric surveys. In order to provide a research-based service to various NHS Trusts in the UK, they required an in-house mobile data capture solution that would allow them to measure feedback and satisfaction in particular areas where they are looking to improve healthcare services via a patient audit.

Whilst traditionally many approach the task of feedback collection through use of automated paper scanning processes, together DCC and the Picker Institute realised that a method that could provide more immediate results could lead to better service. DCC therefore provided some 80 mobile devices distributed across 20 different NHS trusts and was tasked with the management of the help desk on their behalf.

Coupled with this need there was the requirement for greater project management involvement and wider experience than many other firms could offer. This included awareness of and provision for connectivity issues in order to ensure constant and accessible signal and WiFi use, usability issues surrounding training and telephone support, data encryption to protect sensitive information, and customisable feedback forms to be designed by each separate Trust.

Patient Audits – Instant insightful information

The solution designed by DCC allows each Trust to manage the process of structuring and designing feedback forms on individual tablets, controlling the data output, format and timing of the upload. Mobile devices allow volunteers at each NHS hospital to engage face to face with patients and collect the relevant data. The unique set of services designed also evaluates the strength of available mobile ahead of time, highlighting the need for provision of signal boosters and WiFi connectivity in some areas.

Because each Trust is able to design their own feedback forms, the data collected is relevant, specific and informative. As it is securely uploaded in real time to encrypted servers, those with a specific named username and password are then able to access the data instantly through online dashboard analysis tools.

The mobile data capture solution provided by DCC takes the process of feedback one step further by instantly providing a set of actionable and rectifiable comments. The service provided by Trusts is therefore much more responsive.