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PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures)

PROMs is a measure that defines quality from the patient perspective. Initially covering four clinical procedures, PROMs calculate the health gain after surgical treatment using pre and post operative surveys.

The four procedures are:

  • Hip replacements
  • Knee replacements
  • Hernia
  • Varicose veins

PROMs are measures of a patient’s health status or health-related quality of life. The surveys are typically conducted using short, self-completed questionnaires. The information collected from patients before and after an intervention provides an indication of the outcomes or quality of care delivered to NHS Patients.

The Challenge

The problem was:

  • Existing data capture supplier failed
  • PROMs forms had not been designed for automated data capture
  • The project was already in the field and thousands of forms were being filled out
  • Multiple location across the country collecting thousands of forms each>
  • Location independent access to the system
  • Massive backlog
  • Potential loss of credibility

Our expertise

We understood the client requirements and the time critical mission that they were on. In a single meeting we were able to reassure the client and demonstrate of:

  • Our expertise and credibility
  • Technology we use
  • Our high accuracy rate
  • The processes we work with>
  • Hands-on IT experience servers and large network configurations
  • Our ability to deliver

The Solution

It was too late to start the project again so we had to work within the confines of what we were given. We designed a solution that:

  • Required minimal customisation
  • Could be configured easily around the process
  • In-built administration and security
  • Handle the backlog
  • Handle exceptions, rules and validations
  • Robust and distributed system architecture at multiple sites
  • Accurately identify 1 of 4 different form types

The technical stuff

A CITRIX environment was implemented to speed up the processing of the different kinds of forms. It was able to check page sequences, identify questionnaire design, identify unique serialisation and handle exceptions. Addresses were checked against the post code data base. Non-medical staff were given the ability to automate the data capture process from a Quality of Life (QOL) scale. In addition this captured data from an anatomical diagram of Varicose Veins on the forms using a transparent grid (pair of legs, front and back, where patients mark and identify areas of pain).


The client saved time, cost, money and resources due to our swift response to a time critical project. Impressed with our professionalism, they gave us the business in the subsequent years. They are now one of our regular clients and trust our expertise, knowledge of the industry, our technology and our professionalism. Our IT expertise in database applications and networks allowed us to provide a customised data capture solution and integrated the technology with external application. The industry knowledge of data, process and specialist data capture expertise bring this project together to deliver results to the client. The project processes around 250,000 PROMs questionnaires annually and has been running for the past 3 years.