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Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing

Text analytics: Isn’t it surprising what you find when you listen?

Surveys, insights, forms and questionnaires are excellent for making formal enquiries and finding out what people think. However, we’re often not at our most honest when filling out a survey. For one reason or another, we may phrase our answers differently, marginally alter our opinions or even tell an outright lie in order to protect our identities and opinions. Have you ever had to fill out a checkbox survey that asked respondents to ‘Rate your emotions on a scale of 1 to 10’? The task is enormously difficult; our answers are variable at best, and that causes data to be less credible. Researchers and investigators need a means of deciphering free-form comments and opinions without it becoming so resource intensive that it consumes entire time and cost budgets: text analytics.

Text analytics provides the answer by turning text and natural language into a valuable insight.

Rather than relying on rigidly formatted data points to perform analysis on not-so-rigidly-formatted answers from respondents, text analytics can unlock the honest data and emotions behind an audience’s viewpoint. Because people give more honest opinions when answering free-form questions,engaging in conversations with friends and colleagues across social networks or writing blogs and opinion pieces, text analytics can help to process these views into insightful data.

Transform unstructured data into richer insights

Through one manageable dashboard, using text analytics can help to visualise the commonality, sentiment, concerns and comments of an audience, whether patients or consumers, providing you with the tools to act on both positive and negative reactions as and when they happen. We can monitor data from a range of sources, transforming chatter from paper and electronic surveys, blogs, emails and social media into a single universal view. Our insights allow many departments across an organisation to access and visualise what people actually think, rather than simply relying on qualitative statistical charts and graphs.

Understand your market landscape

If you’re searching for tools that will extend the value of data collection and allow you greater insight into the gathered data, text analytics and natural language processing hold a number of distinct applications and advantages. Using our expertise, we can help you to choose the most effective solution that will empower almost every department:


    • Product development can occur with a faster turnaround time, revealing any shortcomings ahead of expensive investment and communicating these to improve back office systems.
    • Operations can respond faster, allowing them to deliver more directly and on time.
    • Staff and Customer Care becomes a simple affair, empowering businesses to create stronger brand loyalties in their consumers and allow better customer retention.
    • Marketing and analytics can find greater value in collected data, focussing targeted efforts for less wastage.
    • Executives become better informed, and are therefore given greater control to make effective, lasting choices.

A more universal view of data allows the chance to improve the decision making process, producing better choices for clients and empowering firms with the knowledge to identify and rectify any problems immediately. Previously unstructured and resource-intensive comments will no longer be missed, without requiring large investments of time and money. Text analytics are extremely effective because they provide easy visualised data, allowing different departments to work more efficiently together to achieve better productivity.

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