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Therapy Outcome Measures

Therapy outcomes measures positive change

“Measuring outcomes is a part of everyday life” – Anonymous

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) are accountable for improving health and treatment outcomes in the NHS and are being measured by The NHS Commissioning Board on their performance. As it stands CCG’s are responsible for outcomes in secondary care, community services, mental health services and rehabilitation services.

Measuring outcomes and quality and monitoring care processes are entirely dependent on a robust data management system that is not only able to collect data but visualise the data to clearly set a baseline measure and set benchmark guidelines. It is important to have in place a mechanism that can alert CCG’s when benchmarks are not met.

Document Capture are Therapy Outcome Measures Specialists

The NHS is measuring outcomes on three key domains: clinical effectiveness, patient experience and safety. Different outcomes are measured against various indicators dependent on the circumstances. Some are stages in a pathway such as rehabilitation, whilst others include domiciliary and mental health care, which are a part of measuring outcomes in a particular care setting.

Document Capture Co are accredited in three different outcome domains: Therapy Outcomes Measure (TOMs), Oxford Knee Score (OKS) and Oxford Hip Score (OHS).

Providing a Robust Data Management System

The Document Capture Outcome Measurement Toolkit encompasses the following elements:


Outcomes data is collected via paper and online forms or are deployed to tablets, using validated health measures. We’re able to re-design these so that they’re user friendly to complete. Being validated, the forms cannot be tampered with and we do not change the wording or order of the questions. The re-design is purely for user-friendliness.

Data Capture

Automated data capture from paper forms. Forms are scanned and the relevant data extracted as well. As a result there is no need for manual data entry. Forms are also digitised and are digitally archived, making it easy to search for and retrieve forms.

Therapy Outcomes Measures Dashboard

An outcomes data dashboard will display your key indicators, scores and performance over a period of time. The dashboard, being interactive, allows a user to navigate freely and view different data sets. As a result, performance can be measured holistically or specifically. The dashboard is bespoke and designed around the needs of client.

Case Study

For a real life example, see our Therapy Outcome Measure case study. The Document Capture Co health outcomes toolkit allows a health professional to spend more of their time analysing and assessing outcomes rather than worrying about the semantics of data collection.


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