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Touch screen Kiosks

Touch screen kiosks: Deliver on-the-spot services and invite interactive feedback

Becoming increasingly popular in the worlds of retail, healthcare, research and the public sector, interactive touch screen kiosks provide simple solutions to reach your audience on a self-service basis. As well as the well-recognised uses that allow automated check-ins and ticketing for use in clinical environments, cinemas and airports, touch screen kiosks can also be used within other environments to automate simple tasks, meeting consumers on a level they feel at home with and leaving staff members free to assist with more complicated enquiries. Interactive touch screen kiosks have been used to great success within retail to drive sales through interactive catalogues and product finders, as an excellent portal for obtaining consumer feedback, and to provide instructions and information such as after-care or way-finding.

Although traditionally recognised as being expensive, bulky and one-size-fits-none, interactive kiosks can actually provide simply quantifiable results and easily-obtainable data for research and study purposes. By their very nature, they encourage interaction, and with the right choice of location, marketing messaging, graphics, colours and strap-lines, they can provide a complete branded message to reach end-users on the best possible terms. DCC can help you to choose a complete touch screen kiosk solution including consultation, installation and on-going training and support. In searching for the most effective solution, we make sure we consider:


    • Issues of cost, weighing up the length of time a touch screen kiosk may be required and whether rental or an outright sale would be more cost-effective.
    • Ergonomics, style and design of the kiosk itself based on where it will be located and who it should reach.
    • Important issues of access for children and people with impaired mobility, as well as health and safety risks including infection control concerns.
    • Software design, incorporating ease of use, speed of deployment, analytical capabilities, reporting format and level of detail.
    • Process management and communication, be it on-the-spot or remotely.
    • Online and offline capabilities, and storage of interactive kiosks when not in use to remove negative impact of a blank screen.


Basing technology choices on the successes and failures of previous projects will often fail to deliver the expected results. Rather than risking wasting your time, money and credibility, DCC works hard to understand a project’s individual requirements; this approach ensures a positive customer experience and the collection of accurate data that provides successful results without incurring¬†infeasible¬†costs or running for unnecessarily long time periods.

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