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Educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities and other private institutions are responsible for creating and delivering a robust structure of learning to their students, whilst maintaining internal efficiency and high standards. The education sector is tasked with dealing with a plethora of paper intensive processes such as:

Application Forms such as admissions forms, module feedback forms and other data collection processes as part of a compulsory regulatory requirement.
Accounts payable
Managing and maintaining records.
Dealing with inbound enquiries that come in the form of emails, faxes, phone calls etc.
Exam marking
And much more…

Intelligent Data Capture

Managing a multitude of paper intensive processes manually is an arduous and time consuming task. Educational institutions must look to intelligent ways to collect, manage and analyse data. Below is a comprehensive list of Document Capture’s various intelligent scanning and other paperless solutions:

Tablet and mobile 

Digital Pens 

Performance Dashboard 


Digital archiving 

Accounts Payable 

Intelligent Paper Capture 

Mailroom Automation 

The Benefits

Using modern and intelligent data management techniques eliminates manual data entry and general laborious processes such as filing documents and manual distribution, search and retrieval of paper documents. As a result, it allows organisations to save office space, operational and storage costs; provide a better service to students, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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